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Hello there Silver Wings!
Homecoming Week is here! We have an exciting week ahead!

We will be kicking off the week with a SPIRIT WEEK!!

Tuesday: Camo Day! Wear your Camouflage to practice to show your SW & Eagles Spirit!- Snack Duty: Layla
Thursday: Character Day: Dress like your favorite character! Make sure they are still able to dance in their outfit as we will still be practicing! - Snack Duty: Makenna 

Homecoming Trailers: THURSDAY We have secured TWO Trailers for the girls to ride on for the parade. Now we need the help of parent volunteers to decorate the trailers for the girls. We will bring the trailers to practice on Thursday October 3rd, for our Silver Wing parents to decorate for the girls. Some ideas of things you can bring to decorate with, streamers, garland, fringe, plastic table cloths & balloons, signs & posters. You can get as creative as you like! Please REPLY ALL to this email on what you will bring to decorate the trailer with so we can get a little decorating committee going for the girls. 

Don't forget the tape and scissors! 

Homecoming Parade: Friday October 4th!  The Homecoming Parade will start Promptly at 6:00 Pm! We need the girls to line up and get ready on the trailers at 5:30. We will park the trailers between the football fields so that will be our meeting point, parents will park in the Klein Collins Parking lot, walk their kids over to get on the trailers, then walk back over to the KC parking lot to watch the parade come down the road. The trailers will exit the back road and follow the fire truck down Ella and come in to the KC parking lot to have a Pep Rally & Dance Party immediately after the Parade where we will announce our Homecoming Court and have some drinks & cookies as well. 
Homecoming Attire: Friday Oct. 4th   Please have the girls wear THIS YEARS practice Uniform with their game day bow and regular tennis shoes for the parade. They will not wear their mums during the parade, just to the game.


We will cheer for the Freshman and Sophomore team games. Full Uniform, Black backpack, Water Bottle and Healthy Snack.


**Remember to put a snack inside dancers’ backpack. & bring their water bottles! **

*Upon arrival at 8:15 AM, find your dancers Team Mom and sign her in. Team Moms sign in will be on the home side (where the press box is) on the left side of the bleachers)*  

Homecoming Escorts: Saturday Oct. 5th
The girls will not be performing the first half time of the Homecoming Game, instead they will be escorted onto the field by their family members and introduced to the crowd. Please let us know by WEDS. who will be escorting your child.  
Examples are:
Hayley H is escorted by Parents Jared & Brittney H & Siblings Hayley H is escorted by her Mom Brittney Hayley H is escorted by her family. 
Due to limited time, we are unable to announce very many names so please keep it simple, no more than 2 or 3 names.  
The girls will walk onto the field with their escorts & take a photo and the photo will be posted on our facebook or emailed to you to keep.  We will need the escorts to please come line up by the fence gate to get ready to go out on the field 5 minutes before half time of the freshman game. 
Please Note: While they will not Perform during the first half time, they will perform at half time of the second game & will be cheering on the sidelines at BOTH games. 
Homecoming Volunteers:  Snacks: Kiera Rucker

Photographer: Stacey Bohorquez

Game Day Posters: Liz Guerra

Concessions: Deanna Castille - Freshman Game & Nakia Griggs - Sophomore Game

ATTENDANCE: We are now half way through the season and getting closer to competition and EVERY SINGLE practice COUNTS! It is VERY important to have the girls be at practice! If you are unable to attend practice because you are sick, we will need a doctor's note to excuse the absence. Excessive absences brings the entire team down when one girl does not know the dance because she has not been attending practice, as the saying goes.. we are only as strong as our weakest link! 
Please refer to the absence policy in our handbook. Two (2) absences from practice in one (1) week will result in your child not cheering or performing at the next Saturday game. Excessive absences could warrant dismissal without refund at the discretion of the Director.  Please contact the director or assistant director if your child is not able to attend before the start of practice. An excused absence is a medical issue for which you have a doctor’s note, an illness for which school was missed the day of practice, fever, vomiting, or other contagious illness at the time of practice. An absence for any other reason must be discussed with the directors and will be decided on an individual basis. A no call/no show will result in a demerit. Two (2) unexcused absences from Saturday games may result in being expelled from the Drill Team. This is an AAYFDT organization rule. It is mandatory that you be on time to games. The team is depending on each and every girl. Tardiness to a game may result in the dancer sitting out of the first performance.

As Always, please let me know if you have any questions! 
Thank you! 


Nov. 15th: 7:00 to 9:00 Pm

SW Father Daughter Dance

Nov. 16th: 8 am - 12 Pm

Dress Rehearsal

Nov. 23rd: ALL DAY

AAYFDT Competition