Welcome to the Senior Eagles

Some of us have been together since we were freshmen, some of us joined somewhere along the way,  some of us decided that football just wasn't their thing and left us, and some of you are on the outside looking in thinking about joining us. One thing that happens when you join this team is you become FAMILY once an Eagle, ALWAYS an Eagle and we always welcome newcomers with open wings. 

" Be Stronger, Work Harder, Fight for Each Other, Family Forever, We are Eagles!"


Meet Our Seniors!

Senior Eagles Roster

#1 Aiyden "The Beast" Benford

#2 Joseph "The Jukester" Garza

#3 Isaiah "Mad Dog" Washington

#4 Noor "Deebo" Ferrell

#5 Chase "The Ace" Sims

#6 James "Merciless" Purifoy

#7 Jayden " The Wizard" Leday

#8 Gavin "The Destroyer" Dartez

#11 Josiah "The Baconator" Bryan

#12 Aiden "Beast Mode" Diaz

#13 Luke "Lukey Pookey" Richardson

#18 Braydyn "Ice Man" White

#19 Paul "Mad Max" Zuniga"

#20 Austin "Dab Cat" Yates

#21 Jacorey "The Mad Stork" Franklin

#22 Thomas " The Rock" Mitchmore

#23 Jaxon "J-Biz" Bailey

#24 Zy' Curion 'The Flash" Peters 

#25 Nam "Megatron" Dinh

#27 Brendan "The Firecracker" Hiett

#28 Matthew "Mac N Cheese" Barton

#41 Eddie "The Dominator" Latrigue

#42 Josh "The Destroyer" Strambler

#60 JD "The Bone Crusher" Brady

#99 Killian "The Beast" Kidd

Senior Staff:

Head Coach: Jared Hiett    

Asst Coach: Brian Bailey   

Asst Coach: Cedric Benford  

Asst. Coach Ross Brady 

Asst. Coach Thomas Mitchmore 

Asst. Coach  Ignacio Kidd  

Team Athletic Director: Tara Garza

Team Mom: Becky Kidd 

Videos of our Senior eagles