Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There are two separate fees. A registration fee & a fundraising commitment fee. 

The cost for flag players is $150. There is no fundraiser required for flag. 

Tackle Football players & Silverwings including mascots have a $175 Registration fee & a fundraiser commitment fee of $150.  You can elect to either do the fundraiser which this year is to sell popcorn or opt to pay the $150 fundraiser buy out. Parent choice. 

 New Cheerleaders also have a $150 uniform fee, please see the Silverwings tab for more information. 

Are scholarships available?

Yes, but on a very limited basis. The forms are due to the booster club president. Click the button below  for the scholarship application. The scholarship will cover the $175 registration fee, however you will be responsible for participating n the fundraiser. If you have questions, please contact the booster club president.

What is provided by the club? Football Teams

 Each football player is provided with a helmet, practice pants, practice jersey, pads, game pants, game socks and a Game Jersey with players name and number on it. 

The player keeps the socks and Game Jersey. Players will have to provide their own cleats and mouth pieces.  

A refundable post dated deposit check of $250 is required before equipment is issued and will be returned once equipment is received in a reasonable wear & tear condition at the end of the season.

When and where are practices?

Practices are set for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (until the season starts) at Schindewolf Intermediate. Weekday practices are from 

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm. 

Saturday practices will be from 9:00 am-10:30 am until games start. After school starts, practice time changes to 6:15 - 7:45pm. Practice time will shift again towards the end of the season to accommodate daylight

Silver Wings practices are held at Kreinhop Elementary on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm for Mini Wings and Juniors & 6:00 to 8:00 for Seniors. Saturdays until games start Juniors 8:30-10 am and 

Seniors 8:30-10:30 am.

When and where are games played?

Regular season games are played on Saturdays. The games are played in the Klein, Spring and Tomball ISD area. The AAYFDT league sets the schedule and more information on the field locations can be found on their website at and under the game locations & the schedules tab on this page. 

The Silverwings will cheer for the Freshmen & Sophomore teams every HOME game & for the Junior & Senior teams every AWAY Game.

What is provided by the club? Cheer/Drill Teams

Each Cheerleader will be provided with a game day bow & a practice uniform. The Club also provides the competition costumes, props, poms ect.

New Cheerleaders have a uniform fee of $150 this includes the practice & game uniforms, socks, shoes, bloomers, bow, backpack & water bottle. They get to keep these and use them for the next year.

Legacy Cheerleaders will not have to purchase a new uniform. There will be optional items to purchase at the parent meeting should you need to order a new backpack, top, bottom, shoes, socks, ect.

Who can play on the Eagles?

 Teams are formed with players zoned (by home address) to attend Lemm, Kreinhop, Zwink,  Roth, Booker, Cooper, Anderson, Eickinroht Elementary Schools and Elementary #33 (KISD).

When can we register to join?

 February is registration for returning players (referred to as legacy) or their siblings as well as Silver Wings. It is also open to any flag football players (5-6) and new players starting their freshman year. (7-8 years old as of September 1). March and April is open registration for new players or ones who missed their legacy registration date. Registration is done online on the AAYFDT Website. 

Can my child play down one level?

No. Please see the rules of competition posted on the AAYFDT website. 

Division ages are below:

  • Flag - Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Can Not turn 8 before Nov. 30th
  • Freshman - 2nd & 3rd grade: Can not turn 10 before Nov. 30th
  • Sophomore- 4th Grade: Can not turn 11 before Nov. 30th
  • Juniors - 5th Grade: Can not turn 12 before Nov. 30th
  • Seniors - 6th Grade: Can not turn 13 before Nov. 30th and can not be in 7th grade.

Can I move my child to the Eagles?

 All players must play in the area zoned to your home address. If you recently moved into a different zoned area you can request a transfer during legacy registration. If you are zoned to the Eagles, but the team was full and your child was placed on another team you can request a transfer at that teams legacy registration. 

What is the A.A.Y.F.D.T. refund policy?

 Refunds of registration fees for participants who leave the program, for any reason, will be payable only under the following circumstances:

  • All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing, on the approval form, by no later than the second game of the regular season. Refund requests must be submitted to the Booster Club Treasurer.
  • All equipment or other items issued to the participant must be returned prior to the issuance of the refund check.

Refund amounts, based on length of participation, are as follows:

  • Prior to the first practice 90%
  • Prior to the first game 75%
  • Beginning of the first game No Refund
  • No refund will be issued on the fundraiser or buyout
  • Jerseys, uniforms or custom ordered items for the participant will be deducted from total refund

Policies & Procedures

Below is the complete rule book of the AAYFDT policies & procedures and above is the rules of competion. If you have  question that was not answered on here please contact us!

What is a Volunteer Deposit?

A volunteer deposit is a $250 post dated check 12/01/19 that we require to have on file, this check will be returned to you or shredded on completion of your volunteer commitment. 

How do I Volunteer?

We couldn't run an organization like this without volunteers! We rely on help from our families to run the games successfully, their are many opporturnities to volunteer over the season they vary from concessions, water on the sidelines, chain gang, announcer, monitor, snacks, tent set up and more, check with your team moms for how to volunteer they will make sure that all of the volunteer jobs are filled in order to run a successful game.

How Many Volunteer Hours?

Typically we ask that each family designate 12 volunteer hours, if you have multiple children it's 18 hours. If you have children in both football & drill you split the hours between the two. 

While these hours is a guideline, sometimes the team moms have to make necessary  adjustments due to smaller teams, board member & coaches on the team, ect  We must have all of the game positions filled in order to run a successful game so please be understanding and patient when it comes to volunteering at the games, we will do our best to rotate the jobs  and make it fair for everyone. Volunteering  seems daunting but its actually really easy and fun! The team moms will help you make sure that your volunteer commitment is met. 

Can my High School Student Volunteer?

Absolutely! If any high school students need community service hours to volunteer come work a shift at our concessions or come volunteer at a game or two! We can put you to work!   Just send us an email if you're interested!